The Three Types of Maintenance in Residential Property Management

By Diana Perez, August 20th 2019  -- Hi everyone! I'm Diana Perez with Superior Florida Realty and I'm a Realtor and Property Manager, and I'm going to talk about something that is extremely important in property management that sometimes (okay, many times) is overlooked, and that is maintenance issues!

In this video, I go over the 3 Types of Maintenance that need to be kept up with in Residential Property Management. If maintenance is ignored, big (and expensive) problems can arise for both the owner and the tenant. I hope you enjoy this video!

In residential property management, we can categorize the umbrella term “maintenance” into 3 categories: routine maintenance, preventative maintenance and deferred maintenance. So, what is the difference between those three?

1) Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is when you are constantly on top of the appliances, electrical, plumbing before anything goes wrong - hence the word “preventative” - and you act upon it

2) Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is when you do a routine check-up on the appliances, the electrical, the plumbing, any cracks in the walls, and especially the roof.

3) Deferred Maintenance

Deferred maintenance is a maintenance issue that should not be overlooked because in the long run, if you do not take care of that, it will cost you more money.

Especially in single-family homes a roof, and in condo associations it could be an AC unit that is over ten or fifteen years old and it's hanging by its thread, you keep fixing it and fixing it and it still has the same problem.

You might as well just have a good maintenance program such as a home warranty or a property management company that is going to look after the appliances (especially the AC unit!) and make sure that it's working to its optimal operation.

Also, something else that is over is the water heater. If you don't take care of your water heater, you're going to continue having leaks and it's something that needs to be looked at from time to time. Do not wait until the lease is up a year to three years later!

Just because that tenant is paying rent does not mean that you're just going to leave those issues on the back burner because in the long run it's going to cost you more money.

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